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(Centrolobium spp)

Janka Score: 1520 (soft-medium density)

Canarywood is often noted for its yellow and orange tones that resemble the bird its named for. Canary has exceptional acoustic qualities and is sometimes used in high end speaker cabinets and entertainment center enclosures. As a pick it offers exceptionally clean tones, especially in the middle range.


Argentine Lignum Vitae

(Bulnesia arborea)

Janka Score: 3710 (very high density)

Verawood is the densest wood we use for our picks. It is one of the hardest woods on earth and because of its high natural oil content, we leave each vera pick without any additional oils or finishes. The wood also has a unique and spicy and smell that makes it an appealing choice. As a pick, it has two distinct characteristics: it has the most aggressive tone of any of the woods we offer and it is virtually indestructible.



(Cordia spp.)

Janka Score: 2010 (medium density)

Bocote is our most popular and versatile pick. Bocote trees absorb minerals from the soil and deposit it into its black and gold striped wood, making for a striking aesthetic. Luthiers and instrument makers often chose Bocote for its exceptional tones, durability, and appearance. As a pick, it is the ultimate do-all. Approximately 60% of all picks we sell are Bocote and it's a great place to start in the world of wooden picks!


(Dalbergia negra)

Janka Score: 2790 (high density)

Rosewood is famous within the music world, as high end fretboards, acoustic guitars and xylophones. It is noted for its exceptional acoustic properties, durability and beauty. Because this wood is protected and highly regulated limited quantities of this wood are available and cannot be shipped out of the United States (without exception).



(Olea europaea)

Janka Score: 2700 (high density)

Wood from the olive tree is both rare and beautiful. Since olive trees are rarely harvested for their wood (they are commercially important for their olives) acquiring olive wood can be a challenge. They often feature a creamy color with darker streaks and unique patterning. As a pick, olive offers a surprisingly warm tone, despite having a higher density than many other species. 

Honey Mesquite

(Prosopis glandulosa)

Janka Score: 2340 (medium-high density)

Anyone who loves barbeque knows the distinct rich and earthy smokey flavor that comes from smoking meat with Mesquite. What they may not know, is that mesquite wood is prized for its durability and stability by woodworkers. In guitar picks it’s a good choice for bright tones on acoustics and the clean channel on the electric.

Honey Mesquite
Whiskey Barrel

Whiskey Barrel White Oak

(Quercus alba)

Janka Score: 1250 (softer density)

As the softest wood we offer, the oak from whiskey barrels offers two distinct advantages. The first is that from a style perspective, it can’t be beat. There may be no cooler or more interesting wood to use for country, blues, jazz and rock than a whiskey-soaked piece of oak. The second is that it offers an incredibly warm and buttery-soft tone that is unmatchable by any other material. This pick is a favorite gift for the guitarist that has everything.

Brazilian Tulipwood

(Dalbergia decipularis)

Janka score: 2500 (medium-high density)

Tulipwood is famous for its absolutely stunning colors and is a member of the rosewood family. Because the wood comes from a shrub and only grows in a small region in South America, it is often hard to come by. It is an absolute stand out and statement piece in the hands of a talented guitarist.


Hard Maple

(Acer saccharum)

Janka Score: 1450 (medium-soft)

Everyone loves maple syrup. In addition to making the delicious breakfast toppings, the wood from hard maple makes for a great medium density pick. Although it may not carry the same flashy colors as some of the other tropical woods we offer, it is a staple of the New England landscape and offers a neutral and even tone that lets your playing shine.